Social Films


Some of the documentaries I've done about social good issues.

Responsible for Writing, Shooting, Editing and Color Grading

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies is composed by a few members who are also religious leaders, most of them evangelical pastors. Although the state is secular, some politicians like Silas Malafaia and Marco Feliciano use their position of power to approve laws that relate to their beliefs. Marco Feliciano, for example, has made a series of homophobic, racist and sexist hate statements in the name of god. In March 2013, Feliciano was elected president of the Human Rights and Minorities Committee which was considered an absurd contradiction by Brazilians. There were protests all over Brazil and at some places abroad. In Amsterdam there was a pacific protest in front of the Dam Square. The event is the main subject of this mini documentary. In 2014, Feliciano was no longer the president of the committee due the social pressure.

What are the benefits of voluntary work, not for those who receive it, but for those who do it? This micro documentary shows a day of voluntary work done by a group of young people for a project named “Caravana do Riso”. The project aims to bring dental care to people who live in poor areas in islands of Santos, São Paulo. In addition to documenting the project, this video creates a reflection using the testimonies of these youngsters about the benefits that volunteering has in their lives.

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